Hip Gripper


Booty Band,28″-M/32″-L Hip Circle Booty Builder Resistance Bands Elastic Non Slip Design for Women,Mens Ideal for Hip Thrusts,Squats,Leg Press,Hip Band Kick Backs,Abduction & Adduction.

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✫ ✫✫✫✫ The Best Fitness Band in Europe ✫✫✫✫✫ 
Our Resistance Bands for home or gym workouts

  • Superior Quality Resistance Loops made from 100% Latex free Rubber.
  • Easily execute and progress with pull-ups.
  • Lighter bands are perfect for total body toning and muscle building.
  • Ideal for mobility and Physio work.

We have tested our product on the beaches. In salons all over the world, in gyms, woods, roads and airplanes. You can use our band set to enhance your exercises anywhere and anytime you want.

100% Natural Cotton and Premium Stretch Elastic. To produce our elastic resistance bands, we use only the best, most durable and comfortable materials. Test the field and test to ensure maximum tear resistance.

Five of the best resistance elastic bands available on the market. Customers who have already bought them have been able to appreciate their exceptional combination of quality and affordability.

Made of durable, stretchy cotton and polyester blend with non-slip rubber design.We use only the best materials, 100% original cotton, polyester and non-slip rubber. No TPE, a lower quality and cheaper material. Choose the best quality and convenience brought together in the same product by purchasing our elastic bands.

Bring your workout to the next level with fun and new exercises, such as:

– Hip Thrusts
– Hip Band Squats
– Walking Side Step
– Hip Band Leg Press
– Walking Forward Step
– Hip Abduction & Adduction
– Hip Band Kick Backs . much more!

Light and compact, the set is practical to take with you every day or on the go. Ideal for training in the living room, bedroom, garden, gym, outdoors, on the beach and in many other places!

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Larger-32", Small-28"


Black / Red


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